I can't think of a more appropriate time to post this birth story than today to kick off Mother's Day weekend. I got to meet Leigh and her husband Scott last week at the birth of her son. Scott was such a sweet and supportive husband during Leigh's labor. Baby S took his time getting here, but when he decided to make his entrance he came fast! Birth is so unpredictable, and after an intense delivery, Leigh and Scott got to settle in and enjoy their sweet new baby boy. Congratulations Wilson family! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of documenting this day for you! 2013-05-09_0001.jpg 2013-05-09_0002.jpg 2013-05-09_0003.jpg 2013-05-09_0004.jpg 2013-05-09_0005.jpg 2013-05-09_0006.jpg 2013-05-09_0007.jpg 2013-05-09_0008.jpg 2013-05-09_0009.jpg 2013-05-09_0010.jpg 2013-05-09_0011.jpg 2013-05-09_0012.jpg 2013-05-09_0013.jpg 2013-05-09_0014.jpg 2013-05-09_0015.jpg 2013-05-09_0016.jpg 2013-05-09_0017.jpg 2013-05-09_0018.jpg 2013-05-09_0019.jpg 2013-05-09_0020.jpg 2013-05-09_0021.jpg

Please watch the Wilson family's full birth story in the video below. The music in this video is used with permission from Matthew Perryman Jones. Check him out!


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