Join me in my breakout with Clickphotoschool

Are you wanting to infuse your family photography with more authenticity and feel more confident seeing the beauty in embracing imperfections? This breakout will walk you through my creative processes photographing families and will help you to see and take control of your own vision by exploring the use of light and composition to produce timeless, genuine connections. I will take you, start to finish, through my client workflow before and during sessions as well as seeing how I polishes my vision for my images in post processing. Come along as we explore how to get you shooting in a way that excites you and stirs your heart. 


What you’ll learn:

-How to see and expose you images for different types of light to control the vision of your photographs

-How to use different types of light at family sessions

-How to prepare clients for your session to set the tone to foster genuine connection

-Tips on how to let go of perfection and see the beauty in the in-between

-Tips on how to get connection and variety at family sessions

-Post processing editing tips


What’s included:

PDF on how to shoot families in different types of natural light, client workflow, and creative exercises.

Behind the scenes sunset family session shooting video

Bonus shooting video of family of 8

Bonus Editing video

Bonus PDF with tips for completing a 365

Bonus PDF how to use the same light different ways

Q and A