A while back I got to photograph Sarah Crawford and her beautiful baby bump. You can see that here. And I am so excited today to get to share the Crawford family's newborn session. Baby R is such a sweet, cute, cuddly bundle and he seems to fit right into this busy family. He is so blessed to be a part of this wonderful family, with a Momma who loves him, a Daddy who adores him and three older siblings to show him the ropes. Congratulations Crawford family! Enjoy this special time with your bonus baby!2013-05-13_0001.jpg2013-05-13_0002.jpg 2013-05-13_0003.jpg 2013-05-13_0004.jpg 2013-05-13_0005.jpg 2013-05-13_0006.jpg 2013-05-13_0007.jpg 2013-05-13_0008.jpg 2013-05-13_0009.jpg 2013-05-13_0010.jpg 2013-05-13_0011.jpg 2013-05-13_0012.jpg 2013-05-13_0013.jpg 2013-05-13_0014.jpg 2013-05-13_0015.jpg 2013-05-13_0016.jpg 2013-05-13_0017.jpg 2013-05-13_0018.jpg