This past week I had the privilege to photograph the birth of a very sweet couple. I have a few photos of my both my own births and I treasure them, so I was so excited to get to photograph Chris and Ellen's big day. Ellen was a rockstar! She did so awesome and Chris was such a sweet and supportive husband during her labor. Baby Caleb is really blessed to have such wonderful parents. Congratulations Ellen and Chris! I hope you will treasure these photos as this is undoubtedly a day you will always remember. This is a HUGE post but keep going because there is a video at the end with the full birth story! Please enjoy!

Trusty Birth-1 Trusty Birth-2 Trusty Birth-3 Trusty Birth-4 Trusty Birth-5 Trusty Birth-6 Trusty Birth-7 Trusty Birth-8 Trusty Birth-9 Trusty Birth-10 Trusty Birth-11 Trusty Birth-12 Trusty Birth-13 Trusty Birth-14 Trusty Birth-15 Trusty Birth-16 Trusty Birth-17 Trusty Birth-18 Trusty Birth-19 Trusty Birth-20 Trusty Birth-21 Trusty Birth-22 Trusty Birth-23 Trusty Birth-24 Trusty Birth-25 Trusty Birth-27 Trusty Birth-29 Trusty Birth-30 Trusty Birth-31 Trusty Birth-33 Trusty Birth-34Trusty Birth-36Trusty Birth-37 Trusty Birth-38 Trusty Birth-39 Trusty Birth-40 Trusty Birth-41 Trusty Birth-42 Trusty Birth-43 Trusty Birth-44 Trusty Birth-45 Trusty Birth-46 Trusty Birth-47 Trusty Birth-48 Trusty Birth-49 Trusty Birth-50 Trusty Birth-51 Trusty Birth-52 Trusty Birth-53 Trusty Birth-54

The music in this video is being used with permission from Renee and Jeremy. Check them out!