There is this really awesome family that I go to church. Seriously, they are great. They are so much fun and always serving and I just love that! So, I was so excited to get to do senior photos this past weekend for their oldest son, Daniel, who is graduating from high school this spring. Daniel is such a great guy. This is such a fun time in life and I wish you nothing but the best of God's blessings! Enjoy! Daniel-Senior-18 Daniel-Senior-21 Daniel-Senior-22 Daniel-Senior-20 Daniel-Senior-6 Daniel-Senior-11 Daniel-Senior-12 Daniel-Senior-1 Daniel-Senior-10 Daniel-Senior-17 Daniel-Senior-4 Daniel-Senior-15 Daniel-Senior-9 Daniel-Senior-14 Daniel-Senior-19 Daniel-Senior-3 Daniel-Senior-16 Daniel-Senior-13 Daniel-Senior-8 Daniel-Senior-7 Daniel-Senior-2