I love getting to meet and photograph new families and this one was one of my absolute favorites from this fall. They were just so much fun and so real at their session. They were just completely relaxed and having fun and being silly with me. One of my favorite parts of there session was that mom brought both the little one's favorite toy to document them with it. I just absolutely love that because to me that's what it's about, freezing these little moments, or quirks, or favorite things, because it just goes by way too fast. Thank you Metz family, for sharing this gorgeous afternoon with me and letting me get to know your family a bit!2015-01-12_00012015-01-12_00022015-01-12_00032015-01-12_00042015-01-12_00062015-01-12_00072015-01-12_00052015-01-12_00082015-01-12_0009






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