I love the start of a new year. It always feels like such an exciting time to me. A time where the past doesn't matter as much and what's ahead is key. It's just so nice to start fresh, to set out to accomplish new goals whether they be spiritual, physical or professional. I have some of each this year it seems. From a photography standpoint, I have lots of things I'd love to accomplish like to get in the frame more with my kids, learn to shoot film and do a project 365. A 365 is where you take 1 photograph every day for 1 year. Of course I can take more than one and most certainly will some days but the idea is to be in the habit of shooting daily and push myself creatively. Since I'm not totally sure I can complete a full 365, I'm doing a 100 day challenge to start and see where it goes from there. So far, I'm loving it and I think I'll keep it up but I just want to be sure I get to 100. Ha! The thing I  am loving the most about this project so far is that it is forcing me to see beauty in our everyday moments. I didn't really think there would be any kind of a theme to this project but I'm seeing that emerge after this first week and I would love for that to continue. The reason I first fell in love with photography was out of a desire to document the lives of my children and now as a professional it is so easy to lose sight of that when I am super busy with client work. So, it feels so great to get back to some basics while creating some images that I know I will always treasure. The first day, new years day, I took a portrait of each of my 3. Then each day after I just took one. Ellie getting her t-guard on to stop sucking her fingers, the next day playing with Daddy, taking down the tree, my little 3rd sickie drooling up a storm and Beck checking out the first snow of the year this morning. I hope you accomplish all your goals you've set out for yourselves this year! Thanks for looking! 2015-01-07_00012015-01-07_00022015-01-07_0003