I get to share a really special birth story with you tonight. It is always such an honor to photograph a birth because it's such an intimate day for a family. The days your children are born are right up there with your wedding day. It's one of the most important days. So, to be invited into that space is very special to me. And this family is so incredibly special to me. For starters, I photographed the birth of their last son and I've been able to photograph them several times in between there. I've had the incredible blessing of getting to know them and they are the real deal. Incredibly loving, generous spirits, hearts for Jesus. Spending time with them during 2 births has truly been like spending a morning with great friends. Two years ago this Spring, I photographed Ashley's brother Hunter and his beautiful bride Amber for their wedding. I had never done a wedding before and they called me the Tuesday before Easter to say Hunter and Amber were coming in town and decided to get married and they wondered if I would consider photographing it on Saturday....in 4 days. Ha! Since they promised me it would be a really small wedding and I just loved their family so much, I agreed. Let me tell you, I have never seen two people more in love. I still remember when I was photographing them after the wedding alone, I could have sworn they forgot I was there. They were just so happy to be together. It was such a special day and I am so grateful I got to document it for them.  Two weeks before this birth story unfolded, Ashley's brother Hunter passed away tragically. The weeks that followed were excruciatingly painful for Ashley and her family as they mourned their incredible loss. Those two weeks, the Lord sustained Ashley's pregnancy and she was able to deliver after they had returned home from their travels.

Ashley wanted me to include..." After a minor complication, I was sent for induction on the two week anniversary of his passing. It was both a joyful and heartbreaking experience. My family, including my brother's wife and child were able to make it shortly after delivery. We changed Judah's name from Jonathan Judah to Judah Hunter, in his honor. We were so grateful that you had met him briefly and were no stranger to the full circle experience that was Judah's birth. We truly believe you were meant to be our birth photographer for this birth and that the Lord began orchestrating that years before we could even comprehend the steps."

The Lord truly was present on this day. I got to see this family experience joy through an incredibly painful circumstance. The day was filled with love and laughter and full of joy. Judah Hunter is a very blessed boy to be surrounded by such a loving family. I pray for continued peace and comfort that only our Father can bring for this family. Congratulations Williams family! Looking forward to seeing your family grow in the Lord.

*Ashley wanted me to also include a few photos from Hunter and Amber's wedding.




Now for this family's beautiful birth story..... Be sure to watch the video at the end. Enjoy!