Earlier this month, I got to photograph one of my favorite things, a birth! And it was so beautiful. When I first met the Williams family at our prenatal appointment, I knew we were going to hit it off. We had so much in common and spending the day with them photographing the birth of their son felt like spending the day with friends celebrating one of the most memorable days of their lives. Little Samuel was delivered by his Daddy, straight into his Momma’s arms just they way they had hoped for. After his delivery, he was so quiet and content. I remember at my prenatal meeting with Ashley and Brian they said that they wanted me there so that they could be completely caught up in the moment during the birth of their son and not have to worry about not having those memories captured forever.  I think we definitely accomplished that and I hope you enjoy these precious memories of your special day for a lifetime. 2013-12-17_0001 2013-12-17_0002 2013-12-17_0003 2013-12-17_0004 2013-12-17_0005 2013-12-17_0006 2013-12-17_0007 2013-12-17_0008 2013-12-17_0009 2013-12-17_00102013-12-17_00272013-12-17_0012 2013-12-17_0013 2013-12-17_0014 2013-12-17_0015 2013-12-17_0016 2013-12-17_0017 2013-12-17_0018 2013-12-17_0019 2013-12-17_0020 2013-12-17_0021 2013-12-17_0022 2013-12-17_0023 2013-12-17_0024 2013-12-17_0025 2013-12-17_0026

Wanna see more?! Here is the video of this family’s complete birth story...

Music by Renee and Jeremy


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