"It is lovely when you find someone's work who is doing exactly what they dreamed they should be doing, who's work is an expression of their inner gift. And in witnessing to that gift and bringing it out they actually provide an incredible service to us all. And I think you can see that the gifts that are given to us as individuals are not for us alone and for our own self improvement but they're actually for the community and to be offerered." John O'Donohue

Several weeks ago I got to spend the weekend filming my dear friend Joy at her wildflowers workshop. I attended her workshop 2 years ago and it transformed me as an artist. It encouraged me, challenged me, strengthened me and truly set a fire in me to create from my heart and in the way God created me to. For her, I will always be grateful. So to attend again and watch her, through my lens, use her giftings to pour herself out with this group of women was really something special. I put together a little film from our weekend. If you're interested in Joy's workshop you should do whatever it takes to get there. You can find info on that here.