I love to photograph newborns and this little boy was especially special because I got to see and document his arrival into this world just last week. I have loved getting to know this very special family. This baby boy was a dream for me. He slept the whole time during our session and was so precious. There is nothing as sweet as a newborn baby. Enjoy this time Trusty family. You will always remember these snuggles, yawns and precious little smiles during these days. They go by so quickly! Enjoy! Trusty Newborn-24 Trusty Newborn-18 Trusty Newborn-16 Trusty Newborn-23 Trusty Newborn-15 Trusty Newborn-21 Trusty Newborn-10 Trusty Newborn-22 Trusty Newborn-13 Trusty Newborn-11 Trusty Newborn-20 Trusty Newborn-14 Trusty Newborn-4 Trusty Newborn-2 Trusty Newborn-3 Trusty Newborn-5 Trusty Newborn-12 Trusty Newborn-19 Trusty Newborn-18.jpg">Trusty Newborn-8 Trusty Newborn-17