This past weekend I got to step outside of my little box and try something totally new. A while back my clients contacted me about a dancers among us type session and as soon as I googled it, I got really excited! I knew that this session was going to be so fun and it was! I think after this session I'm going to be asking all my clients at some point in their session if they can do a dance move! Ha! "Excuse me, can you do the splits while you hold your newborn?" :) Seriously, it was so fun. Emily was a blast to work with. She's amazingly talented and a beautiful little lady. Oh and PS we had the most gorgeous sunset which was perfect for some silhouettes! I did not enhance that sky at all in editing. It REALLY looked like that. What an amazing backdrop for this beautiful dancer. Ok, I'll be quiet now! Enjoy your photos Kersey family! 2013-10-17_00012013-10-17_0002 2013-10-17_0003 2013-10-17_0004 2013-10-17_0005 2013-10-17_0006 2013-10-17_0007 2013-10-17_0008 2013-10-17_0009 2013-10-17_0010

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