I am so excited to feature these photographs of a family that is near and dear to our hearts tonight! They have been friends of ours for years and I am so thankful that they entered into our lives. I've learned so much from them about parenting and seeking the Lord as we raise our children and it was so much fun to put some of these memories into photographs for them.

I love that Christa, the mama to this beautiful family, shared some words with us after her session....

“It has been years since we have had the opportunity to have family pictures done, so this evening spent together and the memories that were captured are indescribably special to us. Each picture really captures the personality and essence of our individual child, and our family as a whole. Having a larger family is sometimes, as my husband says, “like a circus full of rabid squirrels,” but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The house is continually filled with laughter and crying, smiles and tears, running and crawling, peace and chaos, but we never grow tired of the faces and the presence of these Blessings the Lord has given us. And, as time will surely march on, and these Blessings grow older and march out of our lives, and into their own families, we will look at these pictures with laughter and crying. And through these pictures, these precious moments in time, the echoes of their running and crawling across the floors of our home, and the times of peace and chaos in our life will be forever etched in our minds and hearts. It is said that, ‘time waits for no one and it won’t wait for you, so use it well, and use it wisely, for who can tell when time will turn into eternity. So use the time well, teach them and instruct them in the Lord, pour into your children’s lives, love them without condition, and STOP, often, and spend time with them; fill the pages of your memories to the fullest, so when you look back on your family’s life they will be filled with tears of joy and not regret. They are the truest, purest, and most eternal Blessings the Lord has given you.”