This family. I first met them almost 2 years ago, you can read more about that here. I got to catch up with them this fall and photograph them in their home on film. I found a family that was changed from the first time I’d met them. They’ve clung tightly to each other and to the Lord in such time of uncertainty and it’s been woven into their family. Jenn (who also happens to be an incredibly talented photographer) has truly been an encouragement to me and such an example of faithfulness in the midst of trials. She recently messaged me this scripture and encouragement and I want to share it with you.

“Your bolts and gates shall be iron and bronze AND AS YOUR DAYS, SO SHALL YOUR STRENGTH BE.” Deuteronomy 33:25

“I’m so built up by the idea of God giving us the strength that today requires. Don’t look ahead for tomorrow. Don’t try to draw strength and energy and creativity for a month from now or grace and help for a situation that “could happen.” Grace for today. In copious amounts. Praying this for you today and for me!'“