I recently got to photograph this gorgeous couple and it was so much fun. I'm not even joking, they could give lessons on the perfect couple posing because it honestly came so natural to them to just love on each other. It was awesome! They are celebrating their 3rd year of marriage (yay!) and it was so fun chatting with them about this season of life they are in. I have truly loved every season in my marriage, but it is so fun thinking back on those earlier days were we were free to travel whenever we wanted, take off on an adventure at the last minute and just spend as much alone time together as we wanted. It was definitely a time I look back on with so much fondness and being with these two made me so excited for them and the adventures that await them. I am so happy we did these photographs to capture this sweet season in your marriage. Enjoy! 2015-09-13_00042015-09-13_00052015-09-13_00062015-09-13_00072015-09-13_00082015-09-13_00092015-09-13_00102015-09-13_00112015-09-13_0012