So, this is sort of an emotional post for me because it's my very best friend in the world and her family that are featured on the blog tonight. Emotional because here in just a few short weeks, they are moving to Japan for a year. I am so incredibly excited for them but also so terribly sad to see them go. She is my bestie, my Jonathan. I seriously feel so incredibly blessed to have been given this gift of friendship with her for the past almost 20 years (goo!).  Even our kiddos are best buds. January is going to be a tearful month for me for sure. So, on to the pictures...If you know this family, you love them. I was so excited to do some fun family portraits for them downtown before they leave. I'm gonna miss you guys like crazy, Shields fam! Love ya'll! 2014-12-07_00012014-12-07_00022014-12-07_00032014-12-07_00042014-12-07_00052014-12-07_00062014-12-07_00072014-12-07_00082014-12-07_00092014-12-07_0010