Last night I got to photograph our best friends family's gender reveal! Right now the playing field is even. One boy and one girl. But all that is about to change. Which way is it going to go? Check it out below! 2013-09-07_0002

Two points for the boys!


Two points for the girls!

2013-09-07_0004 2013-09-07_0005

Time for this to be settled in an old fashioned game of tug-of-war!

2013-09-07_0006 The girls are looking strong.... 2013-09-07_0007

...but so are the boys!

2013-09-07_0008 2013-09-07_0009

OHHHHH, looks like the girls are gaining strength!


GIRLS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!


It's a girl!

2013-09-07_0012 2013-09-07_0013 2013-09-07_0014


Congratulations Shields family!!! We are so excited for you and what the Lord has in store for your precious family. So excited to meet baby girl Shields in January!