I felt right at home last week at this little guys session since I chase a 3 year old around with my camera all the time at home! I love this age. Maybe it's because I have a 3 year old but I just think they are so funny and full of life! And Cedar is just so stinkin' cute! I mean, come on, that hair! those lashes! those eyes! I'm looking forward to a session this fall with Cedar's whole family (he's the baby of 6!). 2013-09-04_0001 2013-09-04_0002 2013-09-04_0003 2013-09-04_0004 2013-09-04_0005 2013-09-04_0006 2013-09-04_0007 2013-09-04_0008 2013-09-04_0009