Although the weather is still hot here in TN, this past month has certainly felt like the season is changing. We started our second year of homeschool with Beck starting 1st grade and Ellie in Pre-K. We are definitely getting into our grove as a family of 4. Bringing Corinne into our family has been for sure our smoothest transition. I think it's a combination of her being a very easy, laid back baby and our family embracing the craziness with a lot more grace than we used to. :) She is crazy, madly loved. Our three older children argue over who's going to hold her, cry when they think she's hurting, and rush into her room when it's time to get her up from naps. We are so thankful that God saw fit to give her to us and to shepherd all of these little hearts. 

For this months 10 on 10, I decided to go monochrome. I've had a crush on black and white images lately so I thought I'd do a whole blogpost of them documenting some of my favorites from this past month. Be sure to make your way around this talented circle of ladies by heading over to my friend Kristi's blog, who has the most adorable little girl, and see how she documented her family this month.