I really enjoying getting to know other young families that are in a similar stage of life that my own family is in. I recently got to meet the Rice family and their 3 sweet little girls. We had so much fun and I felt right at home chasing around their little ones and clicking away. Enjoy this busy, exhausting, joy filled, wonderful stage in life! Thank you for letting me document it for you! 2013-04-27_0002.jpg 2013-04-27_0013.jpg 2013-04-27_0014.jpg 2013-04-27_0004.jpg 2013-04-27_0005.jpg 2013-04-27_0006.jpg 2013-04-27_0007.jpg 2013-04-27_0008.jpg 2013-04-27_0009.jpg 2013-04-27_0010.jpg 2013-04-27_0011.jpg 2013-04-27_0012.jpg