This fall I got to meet the most lovely new family. I knew I was going to hit it off with them when mama told me in her questionnaire that my photos were 'like a good country song, beautiful and tell a good story.' :) I'll take that! haha! I have truly never met a more relaxed and natural new mom and dad. They seemed so comfortable and perfectly at home with this brand new little gift, as if she'd always been a part of them. Another favorite aspect of this family's session for me was that when they contacted me to do their session, they let me know they were in the process of building a home so they were temporarily living in their garage apartment. She wanted me to know there would be no perfectly decorated nursery and this was definitely a transition for their family but she trusted me to make it work. And let me tell you, it worked. Although their space was still beautiful, in my opinion, that is not what makes a great session. They had all the right elements in place. Each other, and the love that binds them.