No one has impacted my photographic journey more than this woman. No one. Besides the fact that her work stirs me and inspires me like none other, I have been impacted by her on an even deeper level and for that I am forever grateful.

About 2 years ago I met Joy at her wildflowers workshop and she taught me to examine my work like I never had before. Her mentorship made me want to create art that makes me feel deeply and for it to be used to encourage families in every season, no matter what. She encouraged me in my giftings, helped me to become more observant, to be more vulnerable in my work and to see that each persons version of beauty is different. So, needless to say, when she asked me to photograph her family, I went outside on my front porch and screamed for probably a solid 10 minutes. haha! Because to be able to photograph her was truly, such an incredible honor. It felt like a gift to me. Thank you Joy for pouring into me and so many others. You are something else mama. <3  

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