I can't believe another month has passed since out last 10 on 10! Aaron and I are always saying you have no idea how fast time flies until you have children and begin to watch them grow. Seriously though! This past month has been really been a lot of fun in our house. We had our first over night trip as a family of 6 on a mini vacation, had several fun homeschool field trips and have FINALLY begun to welcome fall. The weather is beginning to cool down and the leaves are beginning to change. I started taking clients again regularly since having Corinne, so once again our family is adjusting to a new rhythm. I certainly don't juggle all these things well most days. At best, it's some sort of organized chaos over here. Our house is usually a mess and the laundry is always piled high. But I feel our home is filled with love and laughter and so much Grace upon Grace upon Grace. And for us, that's what we can handle right now. We're thankful for Jesus and each other, Amen. haha!  Thanks so much for coming over to my blog to see some of my favorite images from this month.

Head on over to my friend Kristi Burton's blog to see her 10 on 10 this month. Her post is filled with beautiful fall images and her adorable family.