A few weeks ago I got to meet and photograph this beautiful family. This mother's strength and love for her children was so beautiful to me at her session, that I asked her to share a few words with her blog post. She writes....

"I am not saying that I wanted Dramatically Broken, on display. I wanted Mended.... I am a single mom. What I mean when I say single mom however, is that at the end of a long day it all falls on me in this house. Mortgage… mama, all other bills… mom, trash out…mmhm, lunches made….. ahem,  health… mama, activities…mama, training them up right…mama, love/hugs/kisses…me, bath time… me, “can i go ride bikes mama?” , accountability…me, grass mowed…me, oil changed in a safe vehicle…me, vacation plans…yep… me, comfort and discipline… you guessed it. I think I know that they trust me and love me beyond measure. But, most of the time, I feel like I have failed and they see it. I feel like i am worth nothing if I don't remind myself of Gods love for me, constantly. In my heart of hearts, I want “give me more of you, Lord.” To be okay mingling with being “accepting of my mess”, and I imagined that you would journey there with me. Later I learned that I would get more than I even bargained for. I would get to see how my children see me.

The time that I have spent in the past and that I would have continued to allow to gnaw at my tissue, in all of this turmoil…. will not be what graces our walls. It will be the glance of brute motherly strength that melt into my most beloved possessions’ foreheads with kisses and closed eyes. I got photos that don't remind to be anything! They remind us of who we are! They don't scream, “look how good we are at bliss” they whisper, “look what God is doing when you don't blanket everything with pride, and you let him stomp out your shame” Or they say to those who enter “there is no tip toeing here, we fill each others empty cups with Christ when we each fall short.”