Last week I had the honor of photographing this beautiful family as they welcomed their newest baby into the family. Mom and Dad waited until I could get there to bring the two big sisters in to meet their new bundle. It was seriously the most precious moment. I feel like as a photographer, I am always learning more about what I love to shoot and what really makes me excited and this winter I've been doing lots of thinking on that. Over and over I keep feeling like one of the words I would use to describe the way I want my work to resonate with others is honest. I get most excited about my work when it is real, authentic and honest. Real smiles (or tears), authentic moments, honest life. Because that's what I want to remember, don't you? Don't you want to remember days like this forever just they way they really were? I am so excited to be offering these sessions now because days like these are the exact ones I want to document for my clients so that they have these incredibly beautiful moments forever. Enjoy these photographs of this wonderful family.... 2015-02-19_00012015-02-19_00022015-02-19_00032015-02-19_00042015-02-19_00052015-02-19_00062015-02-19_00072015-02-19_00082015-02-19_00092015-02-19_00102015-02-19_00112015-02-19_00122015-02-19_00132015-02-19_00142015-02-19_00152015-02-19_00162015-02-19_0017

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