Every month when I put this blog post together, I feel as though I just wrote the one for the previous month. But not this time. It seems like a very long time has passed since our last 10 on 10 and so many things have happened since then. Ellie turned 5 last month which for some reason feels like such a big deal to me. I felt the exact same way when Beck turned 5. I think it's because it's such a big year. They grow up so much in this year + there's Kindergarten in the fall, she'll probably lose her first tooth, the list goes on. We celebrated really simply this year just the 6 of us and it was exactly what we needed and honestly what I think made her feel most special. Then of course there was Christmas which was really wonderful. We tried to pack in all the traditions we could and fill their memories with celebrations of Jesus birth and lots of time with family.

Corinne seems to have grown so much this month. She's completely mobile, crawling everywhere, and even standing up. (tears) Then of course, this week, our first snow of winter. We don't get lots of snow here in TN so it is always magical when we do. <3 I know we're supposed to only share 10 each month but I just couldn't narrow it down more than this. I hope you guys are having a great start to 2017! 

Please head on around the circle by heading to my friend Kristi's blog to see her beautiful photos from this past month.