I have come to look so forward to this post every month. I love getting to look back over our personal photos and carve out a little time to be creative just for myself and my family. This month has been filled with the usual slower rhythm of winter. A bit more time spent here at home focusing on school and being together before the business of Spring arrives. I always feel like these first couple of months of the year are spent with a lot of time reflecting on the past year and casting a vision for the current year. Aaron and I want to spend a bit less time looking at our phones and being more intentional with our time, reading and being more present with the children. A dear friend and client of mine passed away unexpectedly last week and her death has even solidified my desire for intentionality. She was a complete inspiration. She DID live intentionally. Her life was a testimony of God's love and faithfulness. She was an encouragement to all those who knew her and she left a legacy of love for her husband and children. Our hearts are broken for her husband and children, so would you please join me in praying for them and asking God to comfort their hearts? 

This year, I've made a commitment to get in the frame once a week. After this past week's loss of my friend Lexi, I've never felt more the infinite value of a photograph. So I am so thankful to have this challenge to be in the frame with my children more. I hope you'll head on around the circle and check out the rest of the ladies in 10 on 10 group. You can head over to my friend Cris's blog and check out her gorgeous work.