I get asked all the time what is my favorite thing to photograph and besides my own family, it would have to be families. I have truly fallen in love with family photography. Maybe it's because I'm a mother with a young family and I know how good, wonderful, crazy and hard these days are. And how I want to remember how special they were with all my heart. Every time I'm with a family I feel like there is so much there for me to capture. So much connection, so many emotions, especially with little ones. ha! And I'm so thankful that I'm at a place where I am attracting the clients that get what I do and want me to do what I do, which is to put all those wonderful elements into photographs, even if that doesn't mean everyone looking at the camera with perfect smiles. So, for that I thank you. Now to this wonderful family. I've been able to photograph this sweet family several times and I've also been privileged to shoot births with Alissa because she is a doula with Open Heart Doula, which is really an incredible group of women who have some of the most beautiful servants hearts and have such a passion and love for mothers. Do check them out! I hope you enjoy these photos of this gorgeous family!2015-10-13_00012015-10-13_00022015-10-13_00032015-10-13_00042015-10-13_00052015-10-13_00062015-10-13_00072015-10-13_00082015-10-13_00092015-10-13_00102015-10-13_00112015-10-13_00122015-10-13_00132015-10-13_0014