Almost 2 weeks ago, my best friend gave birth to their 3rd precious baby. I was supposed to photograph her birth but things got a little crazy when she had a whirlwind 45 minute labor and ended up delivering at home in their living room(whoops!). Thankfully everyone was perfectly fine and Thomas will forever be an all star Daddy for delivering his daughter! Since they delivered at home without assistance, they ended up going to the hospital to make sure everyone was ok. I am so happy I got to be there to photograph their kids meeting baby Scarlet for the first time. Such sweet moments! I just love you guys and am so thankful for your friendship. I am excited to see the Godly men and women you are raising. Enjoy these sweet memories. 2014-01-21_00012014-01-21_00022014-01-21_00032014-01-21_00042014-01-21_00052014-01-21_00062014-01-21_00072014-01-21_00082014-01-21_00092014-01-21_0010

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