For this month's 10 on 10 I am sharing something totally new for me. I took a film course with Ashley Crawford this past month and I wanted to share some of my film captures from my first two rolls. I have wanted to learn film for a very long time and after meeting Ashley this spring for some headshots and falling even more in love with her work, I had to get in on her next workshop. It has been so much fun for me creatively. It requires me to slow down and take in my scene even more so that my images tell the story's I intend. I feel so stingy with each click of my shutter so that's something that I'm getting used to but I really like how it makes me think. Film isn't something I plan on doing for clients but I love it for personal work because it's so timeless and BONUS! no editing! yay for more time with my family! I am looking so forward to diving more into film in the coming months, so here are some shares from my first 2 rolls!

Head on over to my friend Mary Colleen, who happens to be AMAZING with film and such an inspiration to me! Go check her post out here!