Every time I have photographed this family has been magic. They just love each other so much. It's so easy to get those beautiful natural connections with them in their photographs because it's just who they are! I loved getting to photograph this sweet baby girl throughout her first year. It has been so fun to see her grow and get to hang out with her awesome family. Enjoy this family's sweet one year session with their girl. 2015-05-07_00012015-05-07_00022015-05-02_00012015-05-07_00032015-05-07_00042015-05-07_00062015-05-07_00052015-05-07_00132015-05-07_00122015-05-07_00112015-05-07_00102015-05-07_00092015-05-07_00082015-05-07_00072015-05-07_00142015-05-07_0015