I'm so happy to share this precious newborn session with you tonight. I love sessions with siblings. It is so fun getting to see their excitement over their new baby. After I had Reid, I was telling a close friend who is a very wise and seasoned mother about how I couldn't keep the older kids off of me when I was holding Reid and I kind of just wanted to be left alone with "my" baby.  She told me that when she had her third child, she realized it was no longer just "her baby" but their family's baby. That is so true. Big brother's and sisters just want their fair share of cuddle time with "their baby" as well. :) So fun to capture this sweet family together at home with their sweet new girl. You can also see their fresh 48 hospital session here. Enjoy! 2015-03-05_00012015-03-05_00022015-03-05_00032015-03-05_00042015-03-05_00052015-03-05_00062015-03-05_00072015-03-05_00082015-03-05_00092015-03-05_00102015-03-05_00112015-03-05_0012