This session I’m sharing tonight is really special for a couple of reasons. Number one being that Tracie Ancelet is a gem. She’s a local photographer here in Knoxville that I met for dinner one evening last year that sparked an incredibly beautiful friendship. She’s one of those rare gifts in life, a friend that pursues the hearts of others with her whole heart. You feel completely validated in her presence. I could go on and on but if you know her, you know this about her already. She feels special to me for all those reasons mostly but also because she was my first real local photography friend. And if you are in this business, you know what a priceless gift it is to have a local friend to share thoughts and ideas with. It’s HUGE, and rare, and wonderful, and she’s all that to me.

This session is also special to me because it’s my first ALL film session. I’ve been shooting mostly with film for my personal work for a while now and while I’m still unsure where it’s place is with my clients, it was incredibly refreshing to focus on a client session with this medium. Being with my clients is always my favorite part of the process and shooting film allows me to focus more on my time with them. So, thanks so much for letting me stretch my creative wings a bit and share a bit of working through the process. No matter what, I’m learning even more about this art form that I love so much, and that’s worth it all to me. Enjoy.