I love 6 month old babies! They are just so much fun to photograph. Rolly Polly smiley, and if you're lucky, a little sitting up. I had the best time at this little guy's session. He had me rolling around all over the ground with him at his session to capture his sweetness. Thankfully, his momma and I spent a little time chatting and catching up afterwords and right as everyone was about to leave, the sun came out and we got some last minute shots with the yummiest, golden light. Enjoy this wonderful time with your little man! Hope you love these photos!   2013-05-24_0001.jpg 2013-05-24_0002.jpg 2013-05-24_0003.jpg 2013-05-24_0004.jpg 2013-05-24_0005.jpg 2013-05-24_0006.jpg 2013-05-24_0007.jpg 2013-05-24_0008.jpg 2013-05-24_0009.jpg 2013-05-24_0010.jpg 2013-05-24_0011.jpg 2013-05-24_0012.jpg