Since today is the last day of 2014 I wanted to do a post compiling some of my favorites from client sessions this past year. What an amazing year this has been! I am so thankful to have had 80 sessions this year with 51 individual families. I had originally intended to do a post of each type of session I do but ran out of time so none of my maternity clients are featured here but you can see them here in a post I did on Monday. Thank you all so much for allowing me to come into your homes, get to know you a bit, and capture these beautiful memories for each of you to treasure for a lifetime. I love my job and it's because of you all that I am able to do it. I almost get emotional looking at all these photos because I know that each and every one is a real story of love and family. Thank you again for trusting me with your memories! I know this is LONG but I just couldn't pick a few favorites! Enjoy! 2014-12-31_00122014-12-31_00132014-12-31_00342014-12-31_00352014-12-31_00362014-12-31_00372014-12-31_00382014-12-31_00392014-12-31_00402014-12-31_00412014-12-31_00422014-12-31_00182014-12-31_00212014-12-31_00222014-12-31_00232014-12-31_00242014-12-31_00252014-12-31_00262014-12-31_00272014-12-31_00282014-12-31_00292014-12-31_00302014-12-31_00312014-12-31_00322014-12-31_0033


And here's one more for good measure with one from each and every session I did this year! Thanks so much for being a part of it and I can't wait to see you in the new year!