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Introducing Styling Services! >>> Knoxville Family Photographer

A few months ago I announced that styling services would be made available to my clients this fall and I am so excited to tell you all about it today!  The number one question I get from clients is “What do we wear!?” And what you wear at your session really makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your images. BUT I also know that most of my clients are busy moms that have a hard time etching out time in their hectic schedules to plan their family’s wardrobe or maybe just need help figuring out what will look best on her and her family. So, I’ve brought on my super stylish friend Nicole Wise to take care of all this for you! She is incredibly talented at styling and is also a hair stylist and makeup artist.We are so excited about announcing Nicole’s services that we wanted to offer 50% off her services to her next 4 clients! This is an incredible deal and a huge stress reliever. So take a minute to get to know Nicole...


Meet Nicole

Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm a wife to my high school sweetheart, Steve. I'm mom to my little loves, 10 year old Jude and 4 year old Maci. I moved to Knoxville 8 years ago from Orange County, California and am immensely proud to call East Tennessee "home."

I love Jesus, my family, friends, coffee, macarons, fish tacos, any ocean, sunsets, and traveling. I'm most comfortable wearing leather boots, jeans, a feminine top with a leather or denim jacket. I haven't met a lip gloss I don't love and watch YouTube makeup application videos more than I should!

Creativity, fashion and beauty are an innate part of who I am. As a young girl, I cut Barbies' hair, admired and wore my mom's new and vintage jewelry, wore makeup before I was allowed, made jewelry and sketched or sewed clothes. It became very clear to me in high school that I was to make a fashion and beauty my career. So, I became a professional hairstylist and loved doing that full time prior to becoming a mom.

Becoming Bethany's stylist just makes sense! Besides being able to harness all this creative energy and experience and offer a fun service to you, I simply adore her work and am incredibly proud to be a part of it. I am really excited to offer my styling services to you.

Nicole's next 4 clients will receive 50% off their styling services so be sure to let us know if you are interested in grabbing one of these spots. You can email Nicole at to get started.


Be my Stylist


I'll be your personal shopper. We will start with you completing a style questionnaire establishing your style preferences, budget and expectations. I will provide you with inspiration boards that will assist you in shopping. I will also provide you with store and price information of the recommended items. A fully styled session can involve incorporating items that you already own or purchasing an entirely new wardrobe. My goal is to style you and your family in clothes you will want to wear, not only for your session, but on a regular daily basis. This add-on service will remove stress and time, while insuring you and your family will look and feel your best.

Hair and Make Up


On location hair and makeup before and during your session.

Here is an example of one of Nicole's recent style boards for a client with the end result of her styling. Working with her this spring and summer has been wonderful because she and I are in very close contact coordinating locations with wardrobe and I really feel like it gives sessions that extra something. I hope you guys will be taking advantage of her incredible services. We have several beautifully styled sessions coming up over the next few weeks so be on the lookout! Let us know if you have any questions at all. You can contact me here or you can email Nicole directly at



Heirloom Albums >>> Products

I am so excited to finally get to share my new heirloom albums I am offering to clients. Finally! I have wanted to offer these for so long but have gone back and forth for forever over the perfect album. I am not a sales person. Like, not at all. I will forever be all inclusive in my pricing because I always feel like my sessions tell the story of your family and I want you to have every single image! But I also want my clients to have the option to purchase beautiful professional prints and products to perfectly display the images I've created for your family. That's why every client get's an online gallery to purchase prints and canvases and now ALBUMS! Can you tell I'm excited? I mean, ya'll, they are gorgeous. They come in a variety of leathers and linens and are available with these gorgeous cutouts to display one (or 3!) of your favorite images from your session. My press printed albums are flush mounted on ultra thick pages so your images can span across the spread without being split at the spine. They are so pretty!  I love having digital files to share with family and friends but in years to come, you probably aren't going to pull out your computer and go through all those files. However, you will pull an album off the shelf and cuddle up with the ones you love and flip through it remembering how little your newborn was or how funny your children were when they were toddlers or how you felt during your labor and delivery and the first time you held your baby. I think these are the perfect way to have a beautiful heirloom of your session to share with your family for years to come. I am completely in love with them. Can you tell? ha! So, have a look for yourself.