Welcome! I am so glad you're here! Thanks so much for choosing me to photograph your family. I love photographing families and I promise to make this a fun process for you and your loved ones. I've put together this welcome section of my website to answer any questions you might have about your session with me so that you'll feel as prepared and relaxed about your session as possible.

Meet Bethany

I am a mother to 4 sweet little ones and wife to my very best friend, Aaron. I started my photography journey years before we had children, but after the birth of my first child, I became completely passionate about documenting the life of my family as beautifully as I saw it unfolding every day. I am a big fan of authenticity in my photographs. I believe the photos that my clients will love most are the ones where you see the real story of your family. At your session, I want to capture your family in a way that when you look back in years to come, you remember that that was exactly who you were. As a mother and an artist, I am inspired by the simple joys of family life and I want you to see, in your images, the way you feel towards your family. Those are the moments that really matter.

Your Custom Portrait Session | What to expect

At your session

With the exception of newborn and family lifestyle sessions, my sessions take place around the hours of sunrise and sunset. I know that certain times of the year that might mean putting the kids down for later naps and letting them stay up past their bedtime but I promise it's worth it! There is nothing like the gorgeous light around these times. I want my sessions to be fun and relaxed and for the most part, they are! We do lots of cuddling, snuggling, tickling, chasing and playing at my sessions so come prepared! I know how awkward it can be to have your photo taken, so I always do my best to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera by letting you interact with each other naturally while I give you direction into the most beautiful light and most flattering poses. Feel free to bring whatever makes your family comfortable if you want. A family quilt, a favorite toy or stuffy, anything that makes you, well, you!

After your session

After your session, I will post sneak peeks on social media, as long as that's fine with you. When I'm done editing your images, which is usually within 2 weeks, I will send you a link to an online password protected gallery where you can view your images and order beautiful professional prints, albums and canvases all from the comfort of your home. This gallery is available for one week and you can share it with family members so they have the chance to order if desired. The last step is that I'll send your your high resolution files on a custom usb so that you have your images to keep, print and archive forever.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your session can really make a difference in the feel of your images. After you've filled out our client questionnaire, I can get a good feel for what type of location you are looking for. Together we can decide on the perfect location for your session. I always try to choose locations for my clients that are not crowded with a lot of people. I always want my clients to be as relaxed as possible and no one wants to have strangers looking at them while they are having their photo taken.

Rustic Locations


A rustic locations is probably my favorite and that's no secret if you follow my work. I love getting out in a big open field and letting kids play and families interact. I have a couple of rustic locations that I use located in West Knoxville that are situated on private property so there is no worries about anyone getting in your photos or looking at you while you have your picture taken. The locations I use for clients are favorites of mine for several reasons. They are private, free of distractions, safe and have beautiful light. I am also always happy to meet you at your own private property or another rustic location that has special meaning. If this is something you have in mind, please feel free to let me know.

Urban Locations


I also love shooting in Downtown Knoxville and other urban locations. Urban locations lend to vibrant, modern and fun images. I absolutely love shooting urban sessions, especially if clients love spending time together as a family downtown. 

There's no place like home


Finally, I love to shoot clients at home with my Beautiful Everyday. Images will have such a sweet and special meaning to you when we do your session in your home. These sessions are a bit more unique and personal and I absolutely love them. Let me document you doing what you do. Making cookies, reading books, snuggled up in bed, playing in the back yard. All the things that you do at home with your family, beautifully documented.

What to Wear

Deciding on what to wear for your session is one of the most important elements of the outcome of your images. Be sure to take the time to really put some thought into what everyone will wear. Remember, these are images you will most likely have hanging on your walls for years to come and you want everyone to look their best. I HIGHLY recommend partnering with my stylist Nicole for your session. She is incredibly gifted at styling and we work hand in hand on your location, planning your session and your wardrobe. This really gives your session that extra something and it truly relieves so much stress for you. 


Here are some great suggestions when putting your family’s wardrobe together….

Coordinate outfits

When selecting your wardrobe, it's helpful to start with one family members outfit and build the rest from there. You'll want to coordinate rather than match. Choose as least three colors to work with and work within that color palate. Avoid fluorescents and primary colors especially near the face because these can cause color casts. Choose: richer versions of primary colors, such as navy, royal blue, mustard yellow and burgundy and creams rather than stark white. When coordinating children, it's helpful to shop for them from the same store as they tend to coordinate their seasonal collections. Examples of such stores would be: Zara, Gap, Old Navy, and H&M. Allow their personality to show in their wardrobe. Avoid clothing with characters and logos as they can be distracting. Choose flattering, yet comfortable clothes. Above all, you want to feel beautiful because that always shows. I also love seeing movement in clothing like maxi or midi length dresses or skirts. It adds an extra element to photographs that I just love. 

Use colors & patterns

When picking patterns, choose ones that won’t distract attention away from the main subject/s. Use patterns sparingly…. if one person is wearing a print, try to avoid putting someone else in a competing pattern. Prints, layers and textures add interest and personality. This will prevent you from looking too uniform and bland. Good layers to consider are scarves, vests, cardigans, kimonos, jackets, hats and jewelry. When layering think about using different textures. Choose different ones that will give photos some interest such as lace, corduroy, denim, etc.



Let's talk shoes. Yes, they are important! Avoid flip flops! However, bare feet on children can be adorable. Choose fun boots, Converse Chucks, loafers, strappy heels, mary janes, etc.

Remember your home

Typically, not something everyone will keep in mind before their session. However, I always encourage clients to think about their home, their decor,colors, and style of their homes. Chances are, at some point after your session, you will be ordering prints to hang in your home. Why not keep your your decor in mind and ensure that it all blends into your home. This will ensure that any large portraits will coordinate beautifully.

Plan ahead

Make sure you have given yourself enough time to think about all of the details of your session. Plan ahead so that #1 you can truly think about your photos and everything you want out of the session, #2 you aren’t rushing and stressing out right before your session, and #3 if you have decided to go for a new look for your session or someone gets a bad haircut, you still have time to fix things if you need to.

Styling Services

Need more help on what to wear or don't have the time to put it all together for your family? I totally get that! That's why I brought on an incredibly talented stylist to the BSP team to help you and your family look the best. Learn more about Nicole and her services here. I can't recommend this service enough! :)

Here are some examples of sessions that Nicole has styled for my clients.


I love providing my clients with digital files and I know the importance of having these files because I believe that your images grow in value over time to you and your family. I also know the value of a beautiful professionally printed portrait that you can hang in your home and enjoy every day as art. There IS a difference in professional labs and consumer labs and that is why I also offer my clients professionally printed products. Clients are not required to order prints or products but I highly recommend them, especially for enlargements. I can't tell you how many clients I've had return to me for printing after getting poor results from big box stores. Every session comes with an online proofing gallery to order prints, albums, storyboards and frames from the comfort of your own home. Below is a list of my a-la-carte print pricing. A $50 minimum purchase is required on all print orders. You can find more information on my heirloom albums here.


Thank You!

Lastly, I want to say thank you for choosing me to photograph your family. I hope this has helped prepare you for our session and has answered most of the questions you might have. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me through email, phone or text. I look forward to our session!